Professional E-Commerce (Silver) is a complete ecommerce application with shopping cart functionality and content management developed for the serious web entrepreneur. It comes complete with a content management system which allows you to create standard web pages within your store and manage, organize, and search content on a website. It includes shipping, payment, marketing, sales, design, and admin features, as well as customer and product management tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Content Director - Complete Content Management System that allows you to create and manage standard web pages within your store, complete with on-site search.
  • SEO URL - Automatically optimises your URLs for improved serach engine indexing.
  • One Page Checkout - Combines all checkout elements onto a single page.
  • Recover Abandoned Carts - Automatically finds abandoned carts and create a list of the items and a method for contacting the customers who were shopping for them.

The Silver E-Commerce Package contains all the features of the Bronze Package (Standard).

Affiliate Program
Updated to 2.5a, added Affiliate News and Affiliate Newsletter
Article Manager
Create and manage news articles
Articles Viewed Report
See how many visitors have viewed news articles
Banner Manager
Manage ads from other websites
Column Product Listing
Specify number of columns to display in "What's New for..." "Specials" etc.
Coupon Redemption enhancements
Coupon redemption has been moved to the top of the payment page, separate from the other payment options.
Credit Class / Gift Voucher / Discount Coupons
Give gift certificates and coupons to customers
Google Ads InfoBox
Implement your own Google Adsense campaigns
Header Brand Manager for catalog logo and slogan text
Upload your store logo and tagline; your logo will automatically replace the default logo in the store header, and the text will display below.
Print Order with Store Logo
Print store orders that display your store logo
Specials On Main Page by Default
Specials InfoBox on main page
Customer County / Postcode Mismatch Report
Identify potentially fraudulent orders or orders that will be returned to you for address correction
Enhanced Security
Registered globals no longer required to be enabled.
Fraud Screen Zone
Monitor and detect all orders placed in your online store for credit card fraud or fraudulent payment in other payment systems
Visual Verify Code (VVC) security
Displays random characters in a dynamically generated image and asks the user to enter the text that they see displayed to thwart SPAM
Basic Template Structure
Make changes to all pages on one template page rather than dozens
Category Box Enhancement
Customizable bullet graphics added to the category listings
Template Install & Configure V1.2
Easily configures templates to look the way you want
VVC Configuration (on/off and settings)
Control the appearance of the VVC (Visual Verify Code) and even disable it if you choose.
SaleMaker 2.2
Easily set sales prices for groups of products, percent or flat pricing
Sales Report 2
See and/or export daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sales reports and customize by detail, order status, etc.

E-Commerce Samples

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