Standard E-Commerce is a scalable shopping cart for Ecommerce sites developed primarily for the SOHO (small office, home office) store owner who wants to add transactional capabilities to an existing website. You can organize, manage and ship your products, and you have the the flexibility you need to run a successful online business. It includes shipping, payment, marketing, security, design, and admin features, as well as customer and product management tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy Populate - Easily edit and update your database using Excel, then upload any number of products throughout your store.
  • Multi-Language Capabilities - Present your store in English, French Spanish, and German.
  • Runtime Code Inclusion - RCI allows custom modifications and additions to be used with the base program code so customisation overwrites are easier to avoid.
FedX 1.11 MS2
Extra shipping module to use FedEx for shipping  
Free Shipping logic enhancements
Allows skipping the shipping page if it's not needed and consolidates the controls.  
Shipping Modules
More Australian, Canadian and British shippers added  
Shipwire order fulfillment integration
Shipwire warehouses, packs, ships, and gets volume shipping discounts for you  
UPS Choice 1.8
Allows customers to specify UPS shipping methods  
USPS Methods 2.5
Allows customers to specify USPS shipping methods  
Catalog URL return after log-in
Customers can link directly to their account information as bookmarks or favorites in their browser  
Events Manager
Keep track of all events going on in your store  
Explain Queries
Development and debugging tool used to evaluate SQL queries. For technicians only  
Header Tags Controller
Page Control, Text Control, and Fill Tags can now be entered as text without any programming, throughout the site, as easily as they were set in products pages in earlier versions Not Included in Standard Package
Information Pages and Categories
Easily categorize and add information pages in their own InfoBox  
Set up a "Links" page from other sites automatically without having to email and manually add each one  
Mysql Backup
Backs up even the largest database with ease  
OSC-Affiliate 1.09
A powerful affiliate program to let others sell your product for you, you pay commissions Not Included in Standard Package
Page Cache Settings
Enable the page cache features to reduce server load and render pages more quickly Not Included in Standard Package
Runtime Code Inclusion Expansion
RCI allows custom modifications and additions to be used with the base program code, with less likelihood of customizations being overwritten  
SMTP mail server abstraction
Email can now be sent using an SMTP connection instead of the sendmail command  
Admin Language Editor clean-up
The language editor is easier to use. Catalog and Admin files have been separated into discrete groups to simplify locating files.  
Admin Session Length control
Set the length of your Admin sessions and eliminate lost work due to timeouts.  
Admin Home Page content modules These are now controlled from within the Admin. They can be turned on and off, and they use RCI for installation of additonal blocks.  
Admin SSL Enabled
Secure administration automatically installed (must have secure server)  
Admin Template section and header clean-up
Admin enhanced and easier to read.  
Admin URL return after log-in
Click on an order link in an email to go directly to that order in your Admin.  
Admin With Access Levels 2.2
Assign different access and passwords to different administrators, allows you to log in, reset password, send forgotten passwords Not Included in Standard Package
Checkout Configuration
Customize customer checking out screens  
Create New Account or New Order
Accept customer orders via phone, enter them into your store yourself  
Define Mainpage
Write or edit your home page welcome text  
Infobox Admin v1.1MS2
Easily add pages to your Information InfoBox  
Tiny MCE (WYSIWYG) Editor in Admin
No need to understand HTML to enter text using the Admin; as easy as typing an email Payment Module
Extra payment module to use for credit card processing  
GeoTrust / SkipJack Payment Module
Extra payment module to use GeoTrust or SkipJack for credit card processing  
Monthly Sales & Tax 1.55
A sales tax report that extracts the information your accountant needs to do your tax reports Not Included in Standard Package
PayBox Payment Module
Extra payment module to use PayBox for payments  
Paypal Shopping Cart IPN 2.8
Notifies your database that a payment has been completed; now automatically installed when you specify PayPal (must also set up on PayPal site)  
Price Formatter update
This update improves the way product prices are calculated by enhancing the handling of additional costs from attributes and other factors.  
Credit Card Blacklist
Refuse to accept credit card numbers that you specify Not Included in Standard Package
Credit Card Encryption Manager
Specify how to encrypt credit cards for security; view or hide credit card numbers of customers Not Included in Standard Package
Credit Card in a Box
InfoBox tells customers what credit cards you accept  
Customer Edit Page
Includes all information fields  
Customer Statistics Report
See how many new customers, how many purchased, number of orders, total sales, shipping, average sale  
Customers Not Validated Report
If requiring validation before opening an account, see list of customers who have registered for an account but never sent validating email  
Edit Orders 1.56 MS2
Enter orders and customers for orders received from phone or other non-web source  
FAQ Manager
Create and manage FAQ's better. Have FAQ categories, multilingual support Not Included in Standard Package
Multi-language capabilities
Present your store in English, Spanish, French, and German  
Purchase Without Account
Customers do not need to set up an account in order to make a purchase  
Shop by Price Infobox
Allow customers to view all products over or under a certain price  
Who's Online InfoBox
Let customers view how many other customers are in your store Not Included in Standard Package


All products and manufacturers
Lists all products sorted by manufacturer  
All Products v3.0
Lists all products sorted by category  
All-Products v2.4
Lists all products on one page; customer and search engine friendly  
Attribute Sorter Copier
Makes setting product attributes easy  
Daily Products Report
See how many products purchased, name, model, price, and totals  
Download Controller
Complete control over download purchases. Set how many downloads are allowed and when they expire  
Easy Populate 2.75MS2
Easily edit and update your database using Excel, then upload any number of products  
Featured Products
Select which products you want customers to see listed as Featured Products on home page  
Image Upload into folders
When adding or editing categories and products, you now can use a drop-down menu to select the destination folder for your images.  
Meta Tag Controller/ Generator
Assigns meta tags to each product on Products and Categories pages  
Product Extra Fields
Easily create additional special fields that allow customers to specify details such as Shipping Type, Initials or Customization desired, etc.  
Product Notifications Report
Tells how many customers have requested to be notified of updates to each product  
Product Sort enhancement
List your products and sub-products by name, model number, price, manufacturer, quantity available, weight, or most-recently added.  
Products Expected
Spotlight recently added products  
Wishlist Report
Allow customers to keep and send to friends a list of products they want to buy or receive; see what products customers have put in their wishlists Not Included in Standard Package
X-Sell MS2
Make more money per customer by suggesting related products Not Included in Standard Package

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